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  • I want to transform the way you approach eating and living.
  • Eating free from fear, guilt and confusion.
  • Eating and Living with abundance, clarity and purpose.
  • Buzzing for action and ready for some laughter.
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Changing your approach to how you eat and live is a challenging yet rewarding journey, one that dips into many areas of your life, not just food. Of course it is vital to gather sound evidence based information from your own research and listening to the experts. However often forgotten is the power of your own intuition, your own discovery of which part of that information is relevant to you and your goals.

My business is to offer you a little space in your busy world to process the information, sort your thoughts and emerge feeling INFORMED, EMPOWERED AND IN-CHARGE. From there your true aspirations become clearer and you start to create your own change.



I want to help you to find the answers you are searching for when it comes to food. My love affair with food began when my body called to me, loudly and quite embarrassingly 🙂 I then had children and got lost literally in social media and mountains of nutrition information that made me queasy. As a qualified Nutritional Therapist with a passion for food and insatiable curiosity I will share with you evidence based and practical advice around food, diet, lifestyle.



  1. You leave my sessions ready for action, a little less overwhelmed and more in control. 
  2. You flip your focus to the journey, the process, the action plan rather than the result.
  3. You will feel heard, you will show me what you already know and we will build on that. 


Just finished a 4 week group forum called "Food Matters" where we learned the importance of understanding a good nutritional diet and what goes into our food, ie sugars and fats and a huge awakening as to what we are putting into our bodies when it comes to processed foods and sugary snacks/drinks. I highly recommend this course if nothing more than to educate yourself about food choices from the supermarket shelves as we all have busy days where we need to make a family dinner in a hurry so it's knowing which pre-made jar of sauce is the better option or if the full fat option is actually more nutritious than the low fat or sugar free. The course was carried out in a very relaxed environment and there were lots of giggles along the way! I have also benefited from a one to one consultation where my health status, (I have an auto immune issue) exercise routine and general diet and wellbeing were looked at in great detail. I came away with a lot of information including a staple shopping list and a huge variety of menu options tailored to me but are also kid friendly and can be adjusted to meat/meat free option. Thank you Foodee for giving your time sharing your knowledge and the fabulous tasters every week.


Fantastic! Completed a 4 week course and love love loved it. So informative with simple ideas on how to make/buy/introduce those important healthy food options for myself, my husband & my children. And I would recommend it to any-one interested in making some healthy changes in an enjoyable way. We shared recipes and tried new foods, had great fun (with some lovely ladies) & all this with the wonderful Denise steering our journey. Thank you again Denise!!!!


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